FOC Fiesta

Treat yourself to a scrumptious Mediterranean Meal, with some new and all-time favourite Tapas, mouth-watering mains, scrumptious Seafood Platters and of course: new delish sweet treats! (Churros included!). Kid’s Menu available as well!

First pickups and delivery available from this Friday 11:00am. 

Free island-wide delivery or pickup!

Pre-order yours 24hrs in advance or earlier!

FOC Fiesta Menu 2-3 pax

Design your perfect FOC Fiesta Menu!

Recommended for 2-3 pax. Please note that orders must be placed at least 24hrs in advance. Free island-wide delivery is provided unless you’d like to pick it up yourself.


Please choose 4 Tapas
Please choose 1 option. every dish is served with Potato Parmentier
Full Portion: Prawns 6pcs, Alaskan King Crab 180g, Lobster Cocktail 100g, Grilled Red 'Carabinero' Prawns 4pcs. Served with Tartare & Cocktail Sauce
DESSERTS ARE ON US! You will receive:

FOC TARTALETTES (10cm, 1 each)
- Black Chocolate Ganache & Caramel Sauce
- Lemon Pie with Lemon Curd & Burnt Meringue
- Matcha Green Tea & Raspberry

FOC CHURROS PLATTER - 6pcs -Churros with Chocolate Sauce, Caramel Sauce and with Tiramisu Cream
Please note that each menu comes with complimentary Chocolate lollipops
Please choose one per menu
Please choose one per menu
Please choose as many options as you wish!
Dear Guests,

Please note that pickups and deliveries will be available from 11:00am and all the orders must be made at least 24 hrs in advance. Do take note of that at the checkout Page. Thank you for your kind understanding.
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