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FOC! We brought the whole Bluefin Tuna to Singapore!

Long story short: our experience with Mediterranean Bluefin tuna started last year in March 2018, when we organized BIG FOC TUNA event in Singapore bringing the whole (160kg) Tuna with the help of Balfegó, and three Michelin Starred Chefs to cook it. We fell in love with its flavour and quality and our guests as well. Therefore, we made de decision to start bringing it to South East Asia on a regular basis and introduce it to all our menus across the group, in different shapes, forms and culinary creations.

We strongly believe it is important to know what one eats, especially in case of such premium and unique product as this Tuna. For centuries, Bluefin Tuna has been a relevant item in the Mediterranean diet, thanks to its multiple properties benefitting human health. It is still a rarity here in Asia, and that is why, we would like to share with you more about its history, origins and of course our recipes for the dishes that you will be able to taste at FOC Restaurants.

Ready for the journey underwater? It all starts in the deep waters of the Mediterranean….

Name & Distinction

Bluefin tuna, scientific name Thunnus thynnus, belongs to the Scombridae family. There are over twenty varieties of fish from seas and oceans across the world which are all confusingly referred to as tuna. However, only eight of these are actually classified within the genus Thunnus, which belongs to the family of the scombridae. And of these, only three are known and accepted under the generic name of red tuna:

Atlantic red tuna Thunnus thynnus (Atlantic Bluefin tuna-BFT),

Pacific red tuna, Thunnus orientalis (Pacific Bluefin tuna-PBFT)

Southern red tuna, Thunnus maccoyii (Southern Bluefin tuna -SBFT )

All three species are highly prized in gastronomy, and can demand high prices in the marketplace. Only Thunnus Thynnus lives in the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, where it is fished. High quality red tuna is sold under a variety of names in different languages, fishing regions and countries: atún, zurdo, cimarrón (Spain); bluefin tuna (UK); thon rouge (France); tonno (Italian); atum (Portuguese); Tonyina, tonyina roja, tonya, tollina (Catalan); hegalabur, atungorri and zimarroia (Basque), maguro or honmaguro (Japan).

In South East Asia, we are the only ones serving Balfegó’s Atlantic red Tuna! 

Bluefin Tuna Environment


Like other pelagic fish, Tuna spends most of its life close to the surface of temperate waters in tropical and subtropical zones. Young tuna usually live at the surface, and as they grow and become adults they gradually move down into deeper and colder meso-pelagic waters. Atlantic red tuna can be found at depths ranging from 0 to 100 metres. Atlantic tuna can be found in a wide expanse that reaches from Newfoundland in the north of Canada to Brazil in the west, and from the east of Norway as far as the coast of Mauritania in the east, taking in both the Mediterranean and the Black Sea.

Diet and feeding

All the species within the Thunnus genus are active predators which hunt their prey by forming large groups which they then use to encircle their catches. This strategy also serves to protect the young tuna from their predators, by allowing them to shelter inside these large groups of adult tuna. They feed on a wide variety of organisms: crabs, crustaceans, squid, prawns, fish and fish larva and marine invertebrates.

Michelin Star Chef cooking!

Cooking premium meat of all kinds is an every-day task for Chef Nandu. Many of his bestsellers are in fact roasted large formats, such as lamb, pork and of course: beef.

At his Restaurants back in Spain, his hand-made meat products are widely enjoyed and appreciated among his patrons. His ‘fuets’ and ‘butifarra’ sausages are true works of carnivore art.

We have the honour of having him for the FOC BUTCHERY Event at all FOC Restaurants to prepare all the delicious cuts and whole meat pieces this time! You may expect the best culinary techniques and everything cooked to perfection!

Try out our Bluefin Tuna Special Dishes…


Seasonal Specials

Our Chefs prepare daily specials with different cuts of Mediterranean Bluefin Tuna. Check with your server!

FOC Sentosa

Regular a la carte items

Sustainable Bluefin Tuna Carpaccio with Avocado & Air Baguette

Sustainable Bluefin Tuna Tartare with Avocado

Sustainable Bluefin Tuna Cheek Paella

Sustainable Bluefin Tuna Belly with Crudités

FOC Restaurant

Thursday, 2nd May, Lunch & Dinner

Our Chefs prepare daily specials with different cuts of Mediterranean Bluefin Tuna. Check with your server!