feria de abril

The real Spanish Fiesta!

6-7th April, All weekend long!



let’s go festive!

FOC PIM PAM is getting festive this April… with La Feria de Abril! Paying homage to the centuries-long tradition of Andalusia, we will be treating you during the whole weekend with Andalusian food, wine, drinks, flamenco, music and dance.

Join us for Spain’s most lively festival, Feria de Abril, in Singapore! Take a look at our programme below and get your seats booked for this unique experience!

what is feria de abril?

Light, colour, and a lot of joy. Every year, Sevilla is taken over by its ‘Feria de Abril’, the fair of all fairs, a microcosm where the idiosyncrasy of the city unfolds with all its charm and power of seduction. It dates back to 1846 when it was originally organized as a livestock fair by two councillors José María Ybarra and Narciso Bonaplata.

Seville’s Feria de Abril begins the night of the “alumbrao”, the inaugural moment when all the fairground lights are lit. This is also the night the traditional “pescaíto frito” (fried fish) is tasted in the stands. Manzanilla is the wine of the Feria: around 1.5 million bottles are consumed! After a week of constant celebration, the Fair concludes with a great fireworks display over the Guadalquivir River.

The Fair is like a small, ornate town: an ephemeral world where the houses are booths, lit with lanterns and all the streets are named for legendary bullfighters. Every year, a monumental colourful facade is erected at the entrance to commemorate a monument of the city of Seville. The facade is lit with thousands of light bulbs and is the traditional meeting place for Sevillians.

La Feria de Abril is accompanied by men and women dressed up in their finery, ideally the traditional “traje corto” (short jacket, tight trousers and boots) for men and the “faralaes” or “trajes de flamenca” (flamenco-style dress) for women.

flamenco live music

Prepare for the authentic flamenco music experience with our artists: Alberto Marin and Carlos Sendrós. Professional flamenco musicians with over 15 years of experience, already renowned among the South East Asia’s public, will definitely make this weekend extraordinary. You may know them form SingJazz, Señor Taco band and Flamenco Shows in Singapore. You simply can’t miss their show!


Flamenco guitarist, composer and artistic director

Alberto Marin is one of the first 10 musicians in history of Flamenco Art to obtain a degree in Flamenco Guitar. He was part of the many flamenco compays as Nuria Ventura, Javier Serrano, Los Mulero, Tarantos or Manuel Fernández and collaborated with artists such as Carles Benavent, Arcangel, Mayte Martin, Rafael Amargo, Belen Lopez, Chicuelo or Cañizares. 

Alberto performed at theaters all over the world including Palau de la Música Catalana, L´Auditori in Barcelona, The Great Theater of Havana (Cuba), Main Theatre of Aalts (Belgium), Philarmonic Theatre in Lublin (Poland), Theatre of Novosibirsk (Siberia), KLPAC, DPAC or Dewan Filarmonik Petronas in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and Esplanade in Singapore. 



Guitarist, singer

Carlos is a guitarist and singer from Barcelona, Spain. He recently completed a 1.5 year residency at the St. Regis, Macau, and is currently based in Singapore. His versatility to adapt to different music genres makes him unique – from jazz standards to pop and oldies, Brazilian samba and Latin salsa  – Carlos incorporates his personal style into each song.

Throughout his 15 year music career Carlos has collaborated with various international artists, touring and performing in various venues across Asia. His stint in the Singapore music scene spanned over a decade – Carlos was the lead singer and guitarist in a Latin Jazz band ‘Ireson’. The band performed regularly at the Esplanade Theatre Hall and No Black Tie, a jazz club in Kuala Lumpur. Carlos has also appeared in regional music festivals such as Singapore Latin Festival, Flamenco Festival, MOSAIC Music Festival, Sing Jazz, World Youth Jazz Festival (Malaysia), and Feria de Abril (Japan). Beyond performing, Carlos is involved in other aspects of music – composing and teaching.


flamenco dance show

Feria de Abril wouldn’t be complete without flamenco dance; so traditional back in Spain and still getting popular among the Singapore’s public.

We will have the honour to have Carman Chung from Casa Flamenco!

Can’t wait for their enticing show!

food & drinks

Prepare yourself for a truly Andalusian Feast! We will have a great range traditional south Spanish food and most importantly, because it is a real Fiesta: drinks!

Explore the menus below. We will be serving these specials along with our regular a la carte menu!

saturday, 6th April 2019



from 17:00 until late

* Andalusian food & drinks specials *
* Live Flamenco Music *
* Dance performance *
* Late Night DJ *

sunday, 7th April 2019

feria de abril day fiesta

from 11:30-17:00

* Andalusian food & drinks specials *
* Live Flamenco Music *
* Dance performance *

FERIA de abril live music night

from 17:00 until late

* Andalusian food & drinks specials *
* Live Flamenco Music *


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