About us



We are a group of Spanish Restaurants in South East Asia, aiming to bring the essence of the vibrant city of Barcelona, giving a 360-degree authentic experience of everything this fascinating city has to offer.

You may be wondering what does FOC mean…

FOC [foc]

Sounding similar to a certain English profanity, believe it or not , “the word “foc” means “fire” in Catalan, the language spoken in Barcelona region, North-East of Spain.


We have started with our first venture, FOC Restaurant in 2014. Since then we have open two more venues with different concepts and we are still planing for more…


Our Restaurant concepts are inspired by the vibrant Barcelona, its traditions and culture, cosmopolitan nature and the dynamic gastronomic arena…


Our Group started off as a project between a group of friends who came together to create something special – for both our guests and ourselves.

We want to create places where people feel welcome and at ease, relaxing away from their daily struggles while enjoying great food and drinks.

We believe in the equal importance of quality and fun, so don’t expect stiff white table cloth and buttoned-up waiters – it’s not us. We want to offer you something much more entertaining…

Michelin Star Chef


We are lucky to have Spanish Michelin Star Chef, Nandu Jubany, overseeing our culinary programme and team, sharing his life-long experience with our international team. Thanks to him, we constantly improve in our creativity, cooking techniques and bring unique products from Spain to unveil a new world of gourmet experiences for our guests.

Chef Nandu is also very well-known as the events wizard in Spain. We draw on his long years of experience to offer you the best catering and private event propositions.


We pride ourselves on having an amazing international team, that makes our plans and all endeavours come true.

We are different, so we complement each other. We work hard, but we also enjoy our time together, pushing our limits to be better every day.

Reward us with a smile when you come to our restaurants. We do our best everyday 

Three Restaurants concepts, three stories, one DNA

FOC Restaurant

Our first venture in Singapore, the original FOC Restaurant, where our story began. The pioneer venue that brought Barcelona affair to a rather sleepy HongKong Street near Clarke Quay…

FOC Sentosa

Inspired by Barcelona’s world-famous beach culture and the Mediterranean way of living, FOC Sentosa is the ultimate Sentosa Island getaway from the Singapore’s concrete jungle…


Buzzy Tapas Bar and Restaurant inspired by Spanish Tapas and Wine Culture in the heart of the shopping district, Orchard; where you are seduced by the myriad of wines, delicious…